KMMU – Morristown Municipal Airport v2.0

First airport update of 2014 is KMMU. Once again all approaches have been redone and updated to the latest AIRAC cycle by Jay Greenberg and I’ve made several changes and enhancements to the airport so that it matches the real life version even better and also comes fully compatible with the newer MSE v2 textures. Check out the airport page for the new download link and the extensive list of changes. The coolest new feature at this airport is the use of ground poly textures to create ground markings, something I will be doing more extensively in forthcoming updates.

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KBLM – Monmouth Executive Airport v2.1

A few small approach fixes from Jay and airport tweaks from me in this update. Biggest addition is that I forgot to include a flyover version of the scenery to help with framerates when you are flying over or in the area of the airport and don’t need a ton of detail offered by the complete object library. You can find the full list of fixes/additions and the new download link on the airport page.

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KMIV – Millville Municipal Airport v2.0

Here’s another joint project from myself and approach designer Jay Greenberg that updates KMIV to the latest AIRAC cycle and also makes it fully compatible with the newer MSE v2 textures. A bunch of other small and not so small changes were made to the airport as well to bring it up to date both with newer design methodologies I have developed since 2011 and also to match new markings, taxiways, buildings, etc that have appeared in the years since (there’s now a large racing complex south of the airport, for example). Like with the KBLM v2 update the scenery objects all have density settings and there is a flyover version to use when you are in the area but not arriving/departing from the airport. For a full list of changes and new images of the airport head on over to the airport page.

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KBLM – Monmouth Executive Airport v2.0

I was contacted by Jay Greenberg at the beginning of this month, who offered to fix up the approach code for KBLM. Having no experience working with or flying approaches this was truly a gift, and one I decided not to waste by only releasing that as part of an update to this old scenery. So in addition to the updated/fixed approaches you can also control the scenery density of the airport to help alleviate performance issues on lower-end hardware. I also checked how the airport looks with the new v2 MegaScenery Earth tiles and found the taxiways will need some re-alignment but I won’t get to that until later, in v2.1. For now enjoy the updated approaches and better frame rates, along with a few other minor tweaks/updates.

Airport Page

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Update: NJ Cities Cancelled

I’ve decided that creating Jersey urban environments just isn’t a feasible endeavor for me at this time and for the foreseeable future. So unfortunately my Jersey City project is officially cancelled. It did give me a lot of great experience with Model Converter X, so I got some benefit out of the time I put into it.

I have a lot of time going into airport development for FranceVFR still and I have increased workloads on my other contracts and employments so progress on NJ airports has remained at a standstill for the past few months. The last time I even took a serious flight in the simulator was at the start of January :(

With only about two dozen or so airports left out of over 100 it’s kind of stupid to stop now though, so eventually I will squeeze some time in to work on some more NJ airports. I hope to release at least two or three this year if not more. A recent fan letter for KWRI has certainly helped to remind there are people out there enjoying these airports.

Also my bid for commercial airport development has stalled – the modeler I was working with hasn’t been able to commit and the airport we were researching is going to be part of Drzewiecki Design’s Manhattan X 2013 product so I want to see how that looks first before I decide if it’s worth making something better. Probably not, he does great work.

Sorry I don’t have a new airport to soften the blow of a project cancellation and months of no new releases! You can send me hate mail. I understand ;)

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Reader’s Choice Awards voting closes March 31st

Just a quick reminder to all MSE fans the voting for the Reader’s Choice Awards, which can be done here, ends on March 31st. So if you haven’t yet, stop by and drop off a vote for MSE Airports, which is nominated alongside several other excellent freeware sceneries.

I’m halfway through my current contract with FranceVFR – we shall see what happens after that is over. I may renew with them or return my full attention back to NJ airports. In my spare time I have continued to get the hang of Model Converter X for creating cityscapes for NJ, the first of which is Jersey City, which I announced back in February.

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Limited MSE NJ v2.1 Support

MSE recently released the free update of it’s NJ product to include brand-new 2012 source imagery at 50cm resolution and personally I find it both horrible and improved over the v1 textures. Have a look at my post over on AVSIM for more details regarding the comparison image above and more like it.

Given that some areas of the new NJ textures I can’t even bring myself to fly over I’ll be only updating for 2.1 airports that fall on decent textures, mainly in southern NJ as the old v1 textures were always washed out down there and the v2.1 textures do bring better color and contrast to the area. But most of northern NJ is just a washout. Kind of funny how the two have reversed in this latest release.

If there is an airport you absolutely want to see converted over to 2.1 please comment here or send me an email with the airport ICAO, it’s a simple operation to shift the airport over a few feet to align better with the new textures that are more accurately positioned and again some of the smaller private grass fields are already fine.

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Under Development – Jersey City

So I promised something new in my last post and here it is – I’m working on city packs for the state of NJ. These are for the MSE v1 textures only at the moment since the v2 textures have blend issues along the coastlines. In the image above you can see Manhattan on the right and to the left is Jersey City. I’m beginning by populating the NJ side of the Hudson River for my VFR flights around NYC. From here I plan to hop on down to Atlantic City as that is another popular destination. After that I have plenty more areas to cover but I will also return more attention to airports as well.

For more progress as it happens, check the development thread.

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MSEA Nominated for AVSIM Readers Choice Awards

Thanks a bunch to Rob Otto, who took the time to head on over to AVSIM and nominate this site for a Readers Choice Award in the freeware scenery category! I’m sure Rob wasn’t the only one willing to do this and since only one nomination is required there’s no need for anyone else to bother. However you can all participate in the voting! :) I’ll post an announcement here when the polls open. By then I should have a new release out for New Jersey – but it won’t be an airport. Hmmmm what’s brewing? Stay tuned!

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AVSIM Reader’s Choice Nominations Closing Jan 31st!

Head on over here to nominate MSE Airports!

Another year, another round of AVSIM Reader’s Choice awards! I was very thankful to be nominated last year for the 2011 awards and if you feel 2012 was a good year for projects released from MSE Airports, then please drop in a nomination for me. In 2012 I added 9 external airport projects and released 3 of my own projects, in addition to a comprehensive helicopter traffic package for the Manhattan area using Heli Traffic 2009. Things have slowed up around here as I dedicate time towards other FSX projects but I’m still committed to finishing up NJ airports and increasing the quality of them as I progress.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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